The Relationship Escalator

Amy Gahran is the author of the book, Stepping off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life. She is a journalist, editor and writer who has lived in Boulder, Colorado for over two decades. Her journalism has appeared in, and many other venues. In her personal life, Amy has engaged in unconventional relationships since 2001. In 2012, she launched the blog, using the pen name Aggie Sez.

Activate 7 Masculine Powers

Karen is a leading voice for the empowerment of men, and an awakened masculinity. She is the author of Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire. Karen Brody’s professional background includes a MA in Counseling Psychology and BA in Journalism, alongside a lifetime of personal growth work.

Suzanne Whang, Actress Activist

Recently, when I was in Southern California to interview Daphne Rose Kingma, author of “The Future of Love,” I had the great good fortune to meet with with Suzanne Whang, who had interviewed me on Karma Air some months before.

What a dynamo! Not only is Suzanne a beautiful, wild and crazy, comedienne and actress, she is a self-proclaimed “self-improvement slut” who is fast becoming an articulate spokesperson for women’s political empowerment. Case in point: her portrayal of the galvanizing Sister Giant event (Facebook event page) that was recently hosted by Marianne Williamson.

In this incredibly personal and moving account, Suzanne articulates what we are all up against in making a conscious effort to evolve into a non-patriarchal society, one that respects and honors the feminine (including the intuitive arts, I presume), and how we can turn our longing for a more humane and balanced world into political action. A powerfully good read … thank you, Suzanne!

Deceased Husband’s Love

Dear Paulo, My husband recently died after a long battle with cancer. What I would like to know is will my husband continue to be able to guide me? Where can I go to feel his answers? I miss his presence and strength yet I feel his love.

-– Cynde, Rancho Santa Fe CA

What a beautiful question … your love shines through … and what a blessing to have experienced a true love in this lifetime!

Most of us have beliefs about death and the hereafter, and I suppose our faith must be our reality in that department. In any case, I am reminded of the counsel my spiritual teacher Mataji Indra Devi would offer the bereaved: “Do your best to let them go, let them move on,” she would say. “It can be hard to complete the grieving process, but it is best to set them free to move into their next dimension, rather than holding them back with your emotional needs.” Mataji was a wise mystic, who had lost two husbands in her own long life, speaking from nine decades of personal experience at the time.

Don’t worry … your husband will always be in your heart and that is where to turn for the answers you need going forward. Now your soul is calling upon you to trust yourself like you trusted him. It’s the best of both worlds — you can feel your husband’s love whenever you want, and let it support you in learning to love and trust yourself!