“Reboot” Your Life

Dianne Bischoff James is the author of The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now. She is a “Life Reboot Expert” who encourages people to create a reality that is prosperous, deliberate and meaningful. She has been on her own transformational journey since 2002—losing 55 pounds, ridding herself of depression and numerous debilitating health problems, launching an acting career, a healthy divorce and surviving the perils of an addictive relationship, all after 40.

Simple Steps for Starting Over

Cheryl Maloney is the author of the new book, Simple Steps for Starting Over. She is also a publisher and radio talk show host. She is the founder, publisher and editor of Simple Steps Real Change Magazine. Her last book, Simple Steps for Real Life was an Amazon.com #1 bestseller. Cheryl spent 25 years as an insurance professional, then left the corporate world when her company was acquired and her position replaced. Starting over again in her 50s, both professionally and financially, gave her the confidence and know-how to help other people experiencing significant change in their lives.

Indra Devi Yoga Foundation

In 1987, when Yoga icon Mataji established the Indra Devi Yoga Foundation, David Lifar became the Executive Secretary. He oversaw the publication, in Argentina, of Mataji’s books “Forever Young Forever Healthy”, “Yoga for Everybody”, “Sai Yoga “, “Breathe Right for Better Living” and” Words of the Heart”, still the best-selling self-help books in that country.