The Female Brain

Just finished the book The Female Brain. Wow … I can see that I needed more insight into what you ladies are dealing with … and am so glad for the increased knowledge!

Every 28 days or so, your brain is bobbing in a sea of fluctuating hormones. (Although I haven’t read her book The Male Brain yet, I know that men must be much more boring.) For one thing, I can see how a better understanding of your own and your friends’ cycles could improve social networking! And, for males flooded with massive amounts of testosterone most of the time, it would be useful to have some clue as to when is a better time to approach your sweetie … and when is not!

And, of course, women have to deal with monumentally transforming events that involve massive amounts of hormone changes — things like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause. We males have changes of our own in life, but nothing even remotely like this!

This book should be required reading for everyone (I’d recommend gifting it to your mate). I can tell you, as a man, it has increased my empathy for women (and improved my timing!). Oh, yes … sometimes there’s tension, but never a dull moment … viva la difference!