The Modern Face of Divination

Welcome to’s new blog section. It’s going to be fun to communicate on a personal level with members, people that I resonate with!

Divination is a word that I love, and a word that few people understand. It refers to the act of divining, the tuning into the divine intelligence, or as the subtitle of my new book Divination puts it “Reading the Mind of God” — our source of creative power, wisdom, love and courage.

A lot of people think that things like Tarot and my beloved I-Ching are about fortune-telling, because they have been appropriated by gypsies and psychics as aids for predicting the future. But divination is much deeper than that. It’s a way of divining the deeper meanings of what’s happening now — any situation, dilemma or relationship that could benefit from wise counsel — guidance to follow your heart (your nature) and access the wisdom to make the right moves at the right time.

In ancient times, only the elite had access to divination systems like the I-Ching or Astrology. My motivation for creating software and internet versions ( of these sacred tools was to make them universally available. How blessed I have been to have such a calling in this lifetime!

Recently I established a non-profit corporation, affiliated with, called the Divination Foundation. DF’s mission is to educate, as well as research how people are using divination systems. Feel free to chime in by responding to this blog. Tell us some of the ways you use Tarot, I-Ching, Astrology and Numerology in your life. Specific anecdotes would be great if you are willing to share. (Don’t be shy … after all, except for me, everything is anonymous here.)

Personally, although I have also used them for business strategy and timing issues, I have mostly used the I-Ching and Tarot around relationship dynamics (and I have needed help a lot!). How many times in the last couple decades have I entered questions like “Things are changing … how should I best relate to her now?”

Change is constant; in fact, it is the only constant that there is. Managing change is what the I-Ching, or Oracle of Changes as I called it, is all about. Like Tarot and Astrology and Numerology, the I-Ching can be used to get a good sense of future probabilities, but the highest value of a divination experience is understanding what to do next (I explain how it all works in my book). Focusing on skillful management of life’s changes seems more intelligent to me than just longing for a perfect someone, or some perfect outcome. We have creative power (i.e. the Law of Attraction), but emotional dynamics are always a wild card. The I-Ching and Tarot have helped me go beyond attraction to manifestation … and avoid a lot of missteps in the process (not that I’ve a perfect record in the stupid mistakes department :-).

Tell me what kind of questions YOU pose. I’m curious about how members use our do-it-yourself divination systems. Let’s get something going here … that’s what a blog is all about. After all, we are all in this together (and none of us is going to get out alive). Life is mysterious, and we all have a lot to learn. (As Ricky Ricardo might have said “if there is a God, she’s got some ‘splainin to do!”) — Love and no blame, Paulo