The Soulmate Secret

At, we are aware of the fact that approx 2/3 of the anonymous queries into our free Tarot features are on the subject of relationships — both by folks that are in one and those that are not — approx 50/50 split). Soul mates is a hot topic indeed.

Last month, when I was in San Diego (nice city to go to, especially during the winter), I had the good fortune to interview Arielle Ford, the author of the new book, The Soulmate Secret. Arielle drove from La Jolla to meet me at my hotel in downtown SD, and she brought her soul mate (aka husband of 11 years) Brian, along with her.

We had a leisurely lunch before we taped the interview (you can hear it podcast via or iTunes … it’s a good one), which was a pleasure, because these folks are very real, as is their story captured by Arielle in the book. In fact, all the stories of impossible but real love are true … good reading!

Arielle has taken the Law of Attraction and applied it to one of our biggest fields of desire — relationship. She’s come up with a technique she calls “feelingization” which is similar to my own Manifestation Practice of “emotional magnetization.” Her “feelingization” is a great word for a practice that produces such a strong good feeling as when you know that you are magnetically drawing that which you desire into your orbit.