The spiritual tragedy of Michael Jackson

How do you sum up somebody’s life? Considering that most people live the equivalent of multiple lifetimes in this one — with multiple careers, multiple partners, etc. — we simply cannot really summarize the constant inflow and outflow of yin and yang, of creative power and nurturing.

It is impossible to deny that Michael Jackson was able to channel more creative power (the first hexagram of the I Ching) — via his music and performing — than probably anyone in history. But what about the ‘yin’ side of his life’s equation? I was very struck by the interview of Deepak Chopra, who was a confidante of Michael’s, on the Olbermann show (you can see it on MetaCafe). It is profoundly moving.

Being addicted to drugs, as Michael evidently was, is an attempt to self-soothe, and actually reflects the Love Archetype — its passive ’shadow’ pole. To oversimplify, the addict is in love with the feeling rather than other people (who, because of childhood abuse, represent danger to him). Deepak shares some deep insight into the issues that this creative genius, Michael Jackson, had to suffer in his seemingly glamorous life.

May we be creative but also go for balance in our own lives. I wish I could have introduced Michael Jackson to the I Ching divination system (as seen on I wish I had had the access to him that Deepak had (even though I’m sure Deepak gave him great advice that he didn’t take). I am sure that better decision-making — spiritual decision-making — along with massive amounts of counseling, could have helped him find himself before it was too late.