The Transformative Power of Media

Media transforms lives and reflects our fascinations. We read books that inspire us, view films that move us, and listen to programs that broaden our knowledge. Sometimes getting involved with media can be a powerful, transformative experience in and of itself. That certainly describes how I became the host of the Pathways interview program on Portland’s KBOO Community Radio.

During Stage Two of my life (I explain the life stages in my latest book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing), I worked in software marketing for an Oregon start-up. I loved listening to the Pathways interview program on KBOO. At the time, the show was hosted by Tom Park, who conducted insightful interviews with leaders involved with personal and cultural transformation. Obviously, the content of the show resonated with me. In a stroke of synchronicity, I happened to meet Tom at a men’s group in 1980. I told him how much I enjoyed the show, and I mentioned that if he ever wanted help with interviewing to please let me know, because I thought I would be good at it.

Over one year later, Tom contacted me and asked if I was still interested in helping him do interviews on Pathways. I began as co-host and became the primary host of Pathways when Tom retired from the show last year. This all goes to show how after you put yourself out there for what you want, divine providence can come around when the timing is right—another case of the “law of attraction” at work!

The Pathways show is an extension of my life’s mission and the mission of my non-profit Divination Foundation, which is to research, develop and promote technologies for personal and cultural transformation. I’ve learned so much picking the brains of cultural change agents and spiritual leaders, and that’s helped me understand myself and has also provided a wide perspective on the world we live in, to support a sense of hope and meaning. In the process, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people over the years, including such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz and John Gray.

My Pathways interviews are available to stream or download on, and you can subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes. The conversations cover personal and spiritual development, entrepreneurship, financial responsibility, creative power, shamanism, sexuality, philanthropy, environmental issues, spiritual awakenings and many other topics that are delightfully unclassifiable. The programs are short (28 minutes long), free of advertising and free of charge.

I’m no stranger to giving talks or being interviewed myself (or giving speeches to large audiences). In my next blog post, I’ll discuss my adventures on the other side of the microphone!