Visionary I Ching Cards

The I Ching, or Book of Changes—the world’s revered divination system now presented as a beautiful 64-card deck. A new way for the I Ching system to enliven the principle of Tao, the universal flow of all things—all to help you make better decisions and master perfect timing around what you want or need. The Visionary I Ching Cards modern version of the ancient Chinese oracle will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom, help you make better decisions and help you resolve dilemmas. Simply find a quiet place, calm your mind, ask the question you are focused on at the present moment, and select your cards to get clear on a situation, relationship, or decision. The guidebook, along with the mesmerizing artwork, provides uncanny insight as to what approach to take at this time. Be receptive, read between the lines, and allow connections to become clear.

ISBN: 978-1-58270-731-0

Trim Size: 5 x 6 ¾

Page Count: 224 pages; 64 Cards

visionary I Ching cards and guidebook

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