Who are you calling ‘Grandma’?

As you probably know, I have a radio show called Pathways, which is not only broadcast across the state of Oregon but also podcast via the non-profit Divination.com.

Recently, I sat down to interview Maridel Bowes, the author of the new book Who are You Calling Grandma? — True Confessions of a Baby Boomer’s Passage. In this book, she traces her sometimes conflicting feelings during her daughter-in-law’s 9 month pregnancy as well as after the birth itself. After all, even though they sit on the sidelines during gestation, grandmas have feelings (and opinions) to, and a real adjustment to make.

While the culture paints you as a grinning, shopping fool (which you may be :-), reality has it that preparing to “Become Grand” is a complex psychological passage. As Maridel shows us, it has some devilish underpinnings and whacky outposts. What if you don’t feel ready? Really and truly don’t like “The Name?” Need a name of your own that doesn’t start with “G”? Get a bit crazy at the thought of Christmas arrangements? Have strong opinions that aren’t all that interesting to the couple in power? etc, etc.

I remember my own grandparents so fondly that I found it interesting to learn how much of a passage it can be for my generation, we who are used to doing things our own new ways. In fact, I just turned a grandpa myself — with less, but some, of the same issues. (For instance, I like the “G” word — except in public :-).

It turned out in talking between ourselves after taping the interview that Maridel is a Tarot.com member. Go, granny, go!

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