Why do women need men?

As I often do, I have been pondering general questions, such as the changing dynamics of intimate relationships (specifically hetero, my orientation). Ever willing to ask dumb questions, I wonder: What, if anything, do modern women feel they need men for at this point?

Generally speaking, men have tended to look to a mate to satisfy sexual and emotional needs. In general, women have less urgency in getting these particular needs met from men than the other way around (of course, women need and want these things also, but they don’t have as much testosterone/craving for sex and can get a lot of their emotional nourishment from girlfriends, while men are often poverty-conscious in both departments, even if they deny it). Historically, women’s selection priorities had been more about a male partner’s ability to physically provide for and protect her and their children.

Generally, men’s needs have not changed, and men seem just as dependent upon women for sex and emotional nourishment as ever. But these days women don’t have as much need for protection and provision and, in many cases, no need at all. (And now we have sperm banks!)

Around 1980, there was a bumper sticker that read “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” What do you think? After 40 years of the feminist movement (and greatly increased male-bashing), do you think this sentiment is still growing? Or is romantic fantasy perhaps making a comeback?

Given that women generally can support themselves in our modern society, why exactly do they need men? Obviously, men can be good at catching spiders, fixing a modem or figuring out how much gravel it takes to fill a driveway, but is that enough? 🙂