Year of the Tiger

For the second year in a row (and hopefully for the last time), the Divination Foundation will not be hosting our festive annual Chinese New Year’s party in Portland … yet another casualty of this ongoing pandemic. But we can still opine on whether the future looks brighter for the Year of the Water Tiger!

There’s something about every new year that stimulates the hope for easier and more pleasing times. The Western new year has passed, but the Chinese Lunar calendar begins February 1, 2022 (always the second full moon after Solstice). We are entering the Year of the Tiger. While a sign for a whole year may not be too personally compelling, astrology can provide some perspective on a period of time. An awareness of and a feeling for trends can help us maximize our good fortune. I call this “intuitive intelligence” (the name of my last book).

2020 was a Rat Year where we needed to rapidly adapt for the sake of survival itself. 2021 was a Year of the Ox—more about slow progress, practical hard work, and trying to anchor ourselves in a new and ever-shifting reality. This new year’s regal Tiger is known for intensity, quick action, power, and ferocity. (Note: I enjoy several planets in Gemini, the Western astrological equivalent of the Chinese Tiger :-). To be sure, another new year will produce sudden disruptions, surprising developments, strong emotions and important decisions—personally, professionally or politically. Going forward, we can expect situations to turn on a dime.

Tigers are persistent and stealthy hunters, who take bold steps carefully. The super brave (or foolhardy) of us will thrive after taking great leaps, while others could crash and burn. We are told, by cosmic Chinese astrologers, that this year could even bring unexpected good news! Ambitious dreams could turn into successful reality. Our awareness of life becomes more complex, so there may also be setbacks, dashed hopes or painful drama. At times it may be hard to find middle ground. Try to stay nimble!

Every 12 years, a Tiger year brings change and upheaval, but this one will be more intense because 2022 is the “Water Tiger.” Water is a powerful flowing force of nature that can transform solids, conquer fire, go around or destroy any obstacle. Water is also about the flowing of sensitivity, emotions, creative impulses and openness to change and impermanence. 1962 was the last Water Tiger year. Like back in1962, we can expect revolutionary change in politics, the economy, society, and technologies that will shape the world for years to come. For better or worse? As the ancient sage said (without remorse), “I don’t know … it’s not our job to know, just to go with the flow!”