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Paul O’Brien is a charismatic speaker and raconteur who shares proven strategies for intuitive decision-making of the highest order. Telling his amazing true stories, he shows audiences how to access greater wisdom and better timing by awakening the intuition around the most important decisions we have to make in life. O’Brien offers a practical new philosophy for Visionary Decision Making and a set of tools for making brilliantly creative decisions and executing them with perfect timing.

Themes of his storied lessons include how to balance logic and intuition in the context of the philosophical assumption that “there are no accidents” and a faith that everything happens for a reason. By accessing the zone of creative power, individuals and organizations can learn to make the right moves at the right time and to transform obstacles into stepping-stones — for the experience of a prosperity and joy that benefits tremendously from being in alignment with both who you are and the greater good.

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Portland State University, November 2009

“Thank you for a terrific talk that got people to think about thinking.” – Doug Porter, Rotary President